Why Fax is Still a Major Form of Communication

Four reasons why fax to email is vital in the world today.

Whichever way you look at it, faxing is still a major part of communication around the world.  A staple in business communication, faxing is so entrenched in business practices that it is inseparable from the corporate world.  Here are four reasons why faxing is still such a popular form of communication.

Fax is still globally relevant

Although traditional faxing has been replaced by fax to email, it is established in the business environment.  Such trust, established through years of unfaltering service, has earned faxing its status in business communication.

Fax is simpler than ever

Fax has traditionally been the most trusted, efficient way of communicating over long distances.  Now, with the ability to send and receive faxes using email, faxing is even more convenient.  And, with wireless technology, faxing is now mobile.

Fax communication is traceable

The great thing about fax to email is that your past fax communication is stored on the FaxFX server, where it is kept completely secure.  Should you ever need to track past communication, recovering your faxes is simple and painless.

Fax is important for legal documents

In the legal profession, authenticity is paramount.  Faxing is thus important because it can be verified as only having travelled between two points.  This is why faxing is still the king of communication in this field.

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