Who Said Recycling Old Fax Machines Has to Be Boring?

Recycling is a good practice that more and more companies are taking on as part of their green business processes. Whether you are upgrading to a new office fax machine and copier or are going full on Fax to email. Recycling does not have to be a boring process at all. You can make it more innovative and creative. Not only will it help your business be more kind towards mother earth, but it can save you some money too.

Of course you can just dump you old copier or fax machine at a recycling point, but where’s the fun in that? Before you do that you can harvest certain parts of it, saving you the extra money you would have spent on these. All you will need to carry out this little project is a screw-driver and a bit of time on your hands.

Parts you can Harvest from your Old Fax and Copy Machines

-Hard drives -Printers and copiers have hard drives installed on them, simply load the right operating system and it will be good to use on your personal computer.
-RAM –computers use the same type of memory as copiers and fax machines. You can simply remove RAM sticks from the old machines and install them on your computer to boost the memory.
Go on and be creative in recycling old office equipment, you might even stumble upon some new ways to recycle old office equipment which could take the world by storm.

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