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FaxFX Fax To Email Service

More and more businesses are now using fax to email services as opposed to an actual fax machine. This is because the fax to email service from FaxFX allows you to receive faxes through any internet connection. You do not have to wastes paper by letting each fax print in order to view it. You can view these faxes on your desktop computer, laptop, PDA or your mobile device. This means that you can now receive and view faxes everywhere that you go.

Why Choose FaxFX?

One of the biggest benefits that FaxFX users have is that their fax to email is completely free of charge. It will remain free of charge and your fax number will remain yours for life. The fax number that you receive from FaxFX will be from one of the biggest range of premium rated number ranges in all the areas. There is one small condition though- you have to receive at least one fax in a 90 day period. As long as the account is active, the fax number remains yours. Should the account be inactive for more than 90 days, FaxFX will reclaim the fax number.

Fax FX users also benefit from their archiving service. All faxes that are sent and received is stored by FaxFX for a 5 year period. In the event that you require a copy of the fax, you can then contact the support department and they will send you the requested copy.

Receiving Faxes With The Fax To Email Service

The fax to email service from FaxFX makes receiving and viewing faxes as easy as opening an email. The fax that is sent to your specific fax number will be received as an email. The fax itself will be an attachment in the email and it will be in either PDF or TIFF format.

Most operating systems have built-in software for viewing these PDF or TIFF files. If yours does not then the software needed can be easily downloaded from the internet. You can also send a fax from your fax to email number. However, this function is charged for.

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