Fax Facts

Handling paper faxes waste space, time and money – space for the machines and money for machines, maintenance, upgrades and endless reams of paper and numerous toner cartridges.

Most importantly faxes waste precious time as they find their way through your business. Incoming faxes often have to wait by the machine until someone picks them up and takes them to the right desk – then there’s the never-ending copying, filing and retrieving that’s usually involved. What if a fax reaches the wrong person? And if a fax gets lost, how do you replace it? If the fax machine is engaged, who knows how long it will take for that important fax to be sent? It’s an inefficient process that ties up personnel and takes far too much time. You need every fax to be handled economically, promptly and securely. You need FaxFX.

FaxFX web-based technology allows you to send and receive faxes direct from your computer via email. FaxFX Fax2email saves you time and money, is totally secure and there’s no need for any new hardware or software to be installed.

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FaxFX is an experienced solutions development company that combines telecommunications, IT and software skills. All our solutions are developed by us and extensively tested. We take pride in our ability to find the right solution for you and our solutions are easy to install, use and extremely cost effective.