Why use online faxing?

Just some benefits of online faxing

The information age has brought us some amazing improvements in most aspects of our lives. While we used to carry cumbersome, heavy bags to keep all of our gadgets, notes and tools together, now we carry a smartphone or tablet that merges all of these things.

In the previous century, one of the most used methods of communication was the fax, developed and put into use in the 1950s. This technology made it possible to transmit detailed information, contracts, photos and much more. In short, the fax changed the way businesses operated.

With the massive growth of the internet many people seem to feel that the fax is obsolete. This is simply untrue as many businesses, organisations and even civilians, still make use of the fax for communicating details and information.

What is true however, is that the internet has allowed the fax to be refined:

  • We all hate those queues that build up around that bulky, noisy beast that lives in the corner, but online faxing means that it comes straight into your email inbox.
  • There is nothing worse than waiting for an important document and that monstrous contraption gets a paper jam, or runs out of toner, leaving you to wait while a flurry of technicians attempt to fix it.
  • If you live in South Africa you probably have a better appreciation of electricity than many, so you would understand that receiving all your faxes via email would also help reduce the demand for electricity and paper, and while you’re thinking about it, all the chemicals in those inks and toners too.


There are many reasons to consider online faxing, and FaxFX is the best in the business. With years of experience, technology that works and awesome technical support, registering with FaxFX means you’ll never be stuck in the dark.

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