Understanding online faxing


Why FaxFX?

Faxes have been a preferred method of communication for several decades now. Despite the fact that virtually everyone is connected over the internet, many companies and government agencies still insist on using this method of communication.

The one key aspect of faxing is that it requires a telephone line, it cannot be connected to the internet directly, which is what has prevented these sectors from leaving it behind for good.

This is why FaxFX exists.

We act as the intermediary. We receive the documents and do the dirty work of transferring it to a digital, telephone-line-friendly document, connecting to the relevant lines and sending the data through.

There are two key aspects to this, namely;


At FaxFX we offer a free service that allows you to receive all your faxes. For this to work effectively all you need is a functioning internet connection, working computer and email programme or account. No fancy hardware, no new programmes to learn. It’s that easy.


Sending faxes can be a more complicated operation, so for a monthly fee FaxFX offers this service as well. All that is required, as with receiving faxes, are the basic internet connection, email account and operational computer, connected to your FaxFX account.

It is so simple to use and makes a huge difference in the day to day office activities, so the question shouldn’t be “why FaxFX?” Rather you should be asking why you haven’t joined with them yet.

It just makes sense.

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