Things Just Like The Fax Machine

Things just as old as a fax machine

1843 appears to be the mother of inventions, when it comes to objects and strange things happening.  There are many products that were created that most of us still use today, particularly the controversial fax machine created by Alexander Bain. Here is a list of other inventions and strange things that occurred in the 1840’s:

  • The rubber band that holds things together comes into existence in 1845. This piece of invention by Stephen Perry is now used to hold pens, documents, and probably the mass of hair that sat upon English men heads.
  • Safety pin comes into existence in 1849 when Walter Hunt needed to pay off a debt to a friend created a needle that had a clasp to prevent a person pricking themselves, hence the word “safety pin”. Desperate times call for desperate measures don’t they Walter?
  • Great Britain annexes Natal, now known as Kwa Zulu-Natal, in 1843.
  • Texas becomes the 28th state in America in 1845. It’s also an offence in Galveston Texas to have a camel run loose on the beach, question is why would there be a camel at the beach in Texas?! It is also an offence that one could be hanged for doing graffitti on someone else’s cow.
  • Jane Eyre is published in 1847. One of the popular Romanticism Novels by Jane Eyre, one of the Eyre sisters. Who can ever forget the arrogant and troubled Rochester?
  • An Alligator falls from the sky in Charleston, South Carolina 1843. There are literally no words one can describe such a phenomenon.
  • The blue print is invented in 1843. This is not Jay-Z’s sixth studio album name, but a reproduction of a technical drawing which documents an architectures or Engineering design.

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