The Resurgence of the Fax


One of communications greatest comebacks.

The 1980s were a very exciting time for technology. They saw pagers and even early cellular phones join many other emerging forms of communication in making people’s lives easier. One of the biggest conveniences to come out of that time, however, was the fax machine. The fax machine was a revolutionary invention that allowed hand-written text, images, and signatures to be sent across long distances almost instantly. It completely changed the way that business communication was approached.

But, in the early 1990s, people began to use email. This rivalled faxing, but it didn’t have the steam to completely overpower faxing. It did, however, mean that faxing did have a rival for the top spot in business communication. Fax did end up slipping into the number two spot for a while, but, fifteen years into the new millennium, it is enjoying a resurgence of sorts. With many multi-faceted office appliances featuring fax machines, and the continuing need of many professions to send faxes, the fax is still relevant and necessary. Ever-resilient, fax has found a way to meet the needs of people and their expectations.

Thanks to fax to email, you are able to use email to send and receive fax communication. Just log into your email account, and FaxFX handles the necessary conversions. You can even send faxes using any computer program with printing capabilities. Thanks to FaxFX, fax is enjoying a new era. And, it would seem that fax is not ready to go anywhere just yet!

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