The FaxFX Printer

Today we are turning the spotlight on the FaxFX Printer. By now you must have heard something about this product. We’ve decided to break it down so that you can understand exactly how it works.
What exactly is the FaxFX Printer?

The FaxFX printer is a product that allows you to send faxes from MS Word, Excel, Pastel or other software applications without having to use fax servers or any other expensive software.

Features of the Printer:

  • You can preview the fax before sending it off
  • The ability to compress and convert files
  • Capability to include cover sheets for the faxes you are sending
  • Synchronization capabilities with MS Outlook contacts with the printer’s contact manager application
  • Enhanced security features that protects your documents when sending them through

How it works

Using the FaxFX printer is a very simple and time saving process. Follow these easy steps to send faxes straight from open documents:

– Open the documents you would like to fax
– Select “print to fax printer” under the “print options”
-Enter the recipient’s fax number from your contacts manager or enter a new one if it had not been saved yet
-Select the relevant checkbox if you want to include a cover sheet with your fax
-Preview it, enter your FaxFX password and username and send by clicking “finish”.

We hope this clears the air and helps you understand this product more. There is no reason for you to miss out on this awesome convenience that will save you time and money.

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