The fax machine that got Rick rolled

The fax machine that got Rick rolled

Remember Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” 1980s hit? Since 2007 the internet has seen a handful of what is known as being Rick rolled. This operates on a bait-and-switch method which means that someone will provide a hyperlink that will appear to be seemingly relevant to a topic that you are discussing or researching online, but instead of that particular information appearing Astley’s video will appear.

Sometimes half way through the content or video you are watching will be interrupted with Astley swaying his hips singing “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”

There have also been meme’s that are generated online that create the similar effect.

However, someone has taken their time to come up with a creative idea to Rick roll a fax machine . How this work is that instead of receiving a fax the receiver of a fax will hear the beeping of a fax machine notifying them that they are about to receive a fax. Instead of receiving a fax they hear the song “Never gonna give you up” play through the fax machine.

How to send a fax

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