The Evolution of Business Communication

The Evolution of Business Communication

Faxing as we know it has come a long way. This means of communication became popularized in South Africa at a time when businesses relied on sending mail via post, telephone calls and actually meeting people in person to relay messages or sign important documents. Faxing became popular because it was a relatively fast way to communicate, compared to the other options that were available at the time. Things have changed a lot since then, we then went into the email era where communicating via email became the staple means of business communication. That innovation as with all others took time to catch on, and businesses still need fax machines to communicate with those companies that still rely on faxing.

While we are now in the peak of the email era, and some people have even forgotten how to send faxes, there are still businesses who rely on faxing for various reasons. Some businesses rely on faxing because they spent so much money investing in fax machines and are now gradually migrating to fax-to-email or email. There is also the fact that fax machines are simpler to understand, and employees do not need extra training and time for trial and error.

FaxFX has a solution that will suit both businesses who rely on faxing as a means of communication and those who have moved to email; fax-to-email.

With fax-to-email you will be able to send and receive faxes form a fax number that is anywhere in the world without having to be connected to a fax machine. Browse our site to learn more about integrating this easy system into your business communication.

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