South Africa’s Endangered Animals


We live in one of the world’s most gorgeous countries, with stunning natural beauty. The sad fact is that our natural resources are depleting fast- I’m talking about forests, open land, and animals. By using online faxing, you are helping to keep our forest and animals alive. Online faxing also reduces the pollution of the environment. Our country is home to many endangered animals that you should see before they go extinct.

The Rhino
Perhaps the most in danger, this animal is under huge threat due to poaching. Their horns are popular on the Chinese market for traditional medicine, regardless of the fact that they do not possess any medicinal qualities.

The Knysna Seahorse
This tiny animal only occurs in three estuaries around the country. Major industrial developments in the areas are damaging the environment that the seahorses live in. Without ample habitat, the seahorses don’t stand a fighting chance. Human encroachment is a major threat.

The Pickergill’s Reedfrog
Reaching only 3 centimetres in length, this gorgeous frog calls KwaZulu-Natal home. They are one of the most endangered amphibians in our country, and will fade without our protection. We have a captive breeding program in place to protect these gorgeous creatures.

The Cape Vulture
Listed as vulnerable, these gorgeous animals are rapidly dropping in number. There are many organisations in place to protect this native species. Often the word vulture has negative connotations, but the truth of the matter is the vultures are the cleaners of the anima world. Rotting carcasses would litter our plains if it were not for these spectacular creatures.

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