Some Friday Fun Facts with FaxFX


Five interesting facts about fax.

Friday is the perfect day for fun facts – the week is nearly over and the whole weekend lies in store, so everyone is in a good mood. This seems like the perfect opportunity to dish up some fun facts about faxing. So, without any delay, here they are.

1. Fax machines used to be a sign of status. When they first arrived on the scene, fax machines were expensive, meaning that they only appeared in offices at first. If you had a fax machine in your home you were highly regarded, like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.

2. Remember that silky paper that faxes used to be printed on? That was heat sensitive paper, and the fax machines that used it required no ink. The machines that used ink and toner soon took over from these though, as their prints were easier to read.

3. Fax machines date back to 1842, and remarkably out-date the telephone. Developed by Alexander Bain, the first fax machine used a clock and a pendulum to scan the page.

4. While faxing used to engage your telephone line, faxing is now done over the internet. FaxFX allows you to phone and send faxes simultaneously, and your faxing can be mobile!

5. Fax is still used widely around the world, and has a variety of uses. Fax to email technology has made it possible to send faxes directly from your email account, from absolutely anywhere in the world!

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