Smartphone’s Your Own Pocket Sized Fax Machine

In our fast paced world, life itself is becoming more mobile. Since the introduction of Smartphone’s into society people are able to keep up with their fast paced lives and up to date with what’s happening in the world! Due to the evolution of mobile technology we are now able to take pictures with our cell phones, record videos, receive emails and faxes…

Business has become mobile and cellphone manufacturers have responded by developing Smartphone’s that can send faxes. All you need to do is install your email to your phone, it is as simple as that! Now that you have your own pocket sized fax machine you can send and receive faxes, making it one of the best ways to step up business communication.

How to send a fax using your Smartphone

Sending a fax to email via a smart phone is as easy as ABC – get your unique fax number from FaxFX, connect this number to your email address and begin your online faxing experience. You may add a customisable cover page to you fax adding a little more professionalism to it! When receiving a fax on your Smartphone remember to check your email inbox, your fax will be delivered into your inbox, from there you can view it, save it, print it, or forward it to another recipient. With fax to email and Smartphone’s the possibilities are endless!

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