Benefits of FREE Fax to Email

Free of charge fax to email service.

  • Receive fax to e-mail FREE of charge, so you get a completely free internet based fax number - that's right; you get free fax software which permits you to receive fax to your e-mail inbox absolutely Free.
  • Instant setup of your free fax to e-mail number, so you'll be able to begin to receive incoming faxes immediately
  • No setup or management fees to get your free fax to email number; this is a hassle free fax service on the internet

How does internet based fax to e-mail differ to a standard fax machine?

  • Faxes are delivered to your email inbox, so you are able to access your totally free internet fax service speedily and quickly
  • You will receive unlimited incoming fax to e-mails, wherever you might be around the world
  • Faxes stay Confidential as they're delivered directly to your e-mail fax number
  • You are able to store and archive your electronic faxes without the scanning method, since it is possible to maintain your on-line faxes in your e-mail system
  • Whenever you receive your email fax, you are able to forward and send an on the web fax to any email address, worldwide.
  • Top print quality when you print your fax from email

How will this free of charge fax to email benefit my enterprise?

  • Your totally free fax numbers remain unchanged should the business move, so there will likely be no delay on your totally free internet faxing.
  • Free of charge fax to e-mail numbers aren't Area Code specific as they're National numbers, so you don't have to worry about changing numbers when moving office or location
  • With your fax to e-mail service, you'll save on paper, ink, fax machine maintenance and rentals etc.
  • No online faxes will ever be lost if your email server goes down, your internet faxes will be queued and delivered to your e-mail once the server is up again
  • You are able to sign in to your fax to mail account and download your faxes if your email server is busy or faulty
  • By using fax to email, your Telkom fax lines may be freed up or used as voice lines
  • Making use of the most effective web faxing service means that no line is ever engaged and you will always be able to obtain your faxes on the internet.
  • Fax to mail connection speed is equal to your web connectivity bit rate so your free web fax ought to be quick

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