Signed, sealed, delivered I’m yours

At FaxFX we pride ourselves on using updated fax methods such as our free fax to email, mobile fax to email, and corporate fax. Our methods allows you to send large amounts of documents that are safe and secure.

However, we do understand the need of those who remain loyal to the beloved fax machine that has been around longer than sliced bread. The fax was invented in 1846 and sliced bread appeared in 1928. In this fast paced technological world where almost everything is touch screen and received instantly, the fax machine brings back a touch of nostalgia of the days when Alexander Bain created the world’s first fax machine.

There are few valuable lessons we can grasp from the fax machine despite the new age trying to destroy it out of frustration. There are still many businesses, companies and institutions that still use the fax machine. Here is an ode to the beloved fax machine:

Gone are the days when we were able to push the button and be sure that the screen will not freeze. The amount of patience you have taught us as we watched each page slip out of you. Furthermore, your gift of awarding warm pages after the long wait. The countless tears when you suffered from a paper jam, and the relief when you reassured us that the document was sent. Although faxing has improved and many have asked for your removal, you have remained strong and have outlasted all. your critics. From those who remain forever loyal to you, we appreciate you.

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