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In order to purchase fax credits you need to be logged in to your fax account.

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How do I buy FaxOut Credits?

Simply log in to your Fax to Email account and click on “buy credits”. Credits can be purchased by direct deposit or credit card.

Buying Credits Via Credit Card

  • Select the “pay by credit card” option to open the transaction window
  • Clicking on “confirm” will open the credit card details page
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Click on “submit” to complete your purchase
  • This page can now be printed for your future reference

Direct Deposit

  • Simply select the “direct deposit” option to open the payment window
  • You will be given a reference number and the details of the bank account into which the deposit should be made
  • For future reference, you may print this page
  • Once the deposit has been completed, email or fax a copy of proof of payment to or 086 571 0571

How much does sending a fax cost?

Please refer to the FaxFX FaxOut rate sheet, which can be viewed on our website (note: our rates may be subject to changes without prior notification).

If you are having problems accessing your account please consider contacting us or our support center.

Buy Fax Credits

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