Our fax archiving applies the convenience of email to the act of faxing. In the past, faxes would need to be printed and filed in order to have any kind of record of faxed correspondence.

FaxFX automatically archives all of your sent and received faxes, keeping your documents safe, secure and organised by subject and by date. This makes it simple to comply with the SARS act regarding the storage of documents, which states that every company is legally obligated to keep records of correspondence for 5 years.

FaxFX takes care of this absolutely free of charge. There is also no danger of losing valuable documents as a result of damage or theft, as your archiving is done off-site.

How Archiving Works

You are able to give each sent and received fax a subject for easy organising and retrieval of your correspondence. You are able to instantly download any fax from the last 90 days, and our support team will be happy to send you any required faxes which are older.

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