Free Fax to Email

Looking to streamline your business communications? Fax to email is the cost-effective solution. Your fax correspondence is easily incorporated into your email. This means that faxes are viewed and forwarded from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to an internet connection, youy can send and receive your faxes on a global scale. You no longer require expensive fax machines and a dedicated phone line. You also save money and reduce your carbon footprint with fax to email services as valuable office consumables such as paper and ink are no longer haphazardly wasted.

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Email to Fax

Our innovative FaxOut service gives you control over the way you communicate. Through our service it is now possible to fax any local or international fax number. You can do this from anywhere in the globe – as long as you have access to an internet connection. Large (and unreliable) fax machines and fixed phone lines are a thing of the past and you wont even need to be in the office to manage all your important faxed documents and faxing tasks.

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Print to Fax

Our FX Fax Printer allows you to send a fax from any programme with print capabilities. Thus you can send a fax from Word, Pastel, Excel or any other software application without the requirement of fax servers or costly add-on software.

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Benefits of Fax to Email

The age of communication is here. With smart phones, social media, and fax to email technology, our means of communicating with one and other has exponentially grown, and continues to evolve.Free Fax to Email is a massive advancement, one that cannot be overlooked. Here are just 5 benefits that this state of the art technology offers businesses and individuals the world over:

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