Sending your Fax to Email

As far as being able to send email to fax is concerned, any person can do it. It is truly that easy and simple. This form of sending and receiving fax messages is taking over the world and more and more people are learning the many benefits associated with this type of communication.

Not only is it free to receive faxes, but to send email to fax is also much more affordable than having to invest in a dedicated fax line for your company. This makes the decision to switch to email to fax faxing much easier. There is also a much larger emphasis on being eco-friendly and much greener in all our practices today – and what better way than to save paper, toner, ink and electricity from printing out unnecessary fax messages.

The truth is that it is incredibly easy to make use of the service and simple to send email to fax. All you will need in order to be able to send email to fax is an internet connection, an internet enabled PC and your completely free email fax number. You will then be able to send a fax email much like you would do a normal email. However, instead of typing an email address into the recipient box, you will instead type the fax number you would like to send the fax to.

You should then attach the fax message you would like to fax to the email and press send. It is really as simple as that. Your attachment will now either be converted to a normal fax message or to a PDF document, depending on whether you sent the message to a conventional fax machine or to another fax to email account.

There really is no rocket science to operating this service. In fact, it is so convenient to use that millions of people and companies have already made the switch to sending all of their fax messages online making use of the internet fax service – save yourself and your company money and do the same.

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