Send and Receive a Fax on Your Smart Phone

FaxFX Mobile allows you to conduct business straight from your mobile device. In business, time is money and delays can cost businesspeople and entrepreneurs thousands of Rands.

FaxFX is designed to streamline business communication and has been developed with the mobile generation in mind. This service is compatible with most mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones, as well as more traditional PCs.

People who travel extensively for business will also be able to send and receive faxes effortlessly, and there is even the option of archiving them for later use. Best of all, FaxFX is a highly economical corporate communication solution that boasts no hidden costs and each employee is allocated their own fax number.

This effectively avoids the costly delays associated with using a communal fax machine and prevents confidential and private faxes intercepted by unintended recipients. Confidentially in an office environment is of the utmost importance and fax to email technology offers the perfect solution to this problem.

Incoming faxes are sent directly to an employee’s company email address, which makes monitoring and compliance obligations that much simpler. What’s even better is, online faxing is free and you will enjoy the reliability of a fax machine combined with the convenience of email.

The applications of online faxing is endless, is easy to use and can be used by a number of businesses to improve productivity allowing them to take charge of their office, giving them an undeniable business advantage.

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