Send Faxes via Email


How can you send fax emails? Thanks to modern day technology you can easily send and receive as many faxes as you’d like. These faxes can be sent for free and funcion completely via the internet. To start off with, register with online fax service provider, FaxFX. After this your lifelong fax number will sent to your email address. You are now ready to start sending and receiving faxes over your email.

To do so, simply start by composing a new email much like you would any other email message. Type in the destination fax number you’d like to send the fax to in the recipient space provided, and attach your fax message like any other attachment. You’re now ready to send your fax email! It really is as simple as that.

What are the Benefits of Using Fax Email Technology?

There are plenty of reasons why it pays to make use of this technology either in your business or personal life. For larger offices there is frequently the need to have more than one fax machine. This also means that the company needs to pay for various dedicated fax lines. This, coupled with the expensive consumption of costly consumables can quickly rack up the company’s bottom line.

With fax to email technology you will use your internet connection as your fax line and your computers as the fax machine. You can decide which faxes are printed and which aren’t. These are a few of the ways that you can save money using fax to email technology in your business.

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