How to Send Faxes with Fax FX


Two methods to make your faxing so much simpler.

Fax FX is a free fax to email system, which has eliminated the need for traditional fax machines in many offices. You are able to receive multi-page faxes directly into your email inbox, and are eligible for as many numbers as you require. This means that faxes always find their correct recipients.
But, did you know that Fax FX also offers a service that allows you to send faxes from your email? This means that, with wireless connectivity, you can send faxes from anywhere in the world. Here’s how.
You just need:
• A fax number beginning with 086, available from the Fax FX website
• Some Fax FX prepaid credits, also available on the Fax FX website
There are two ways you can send a fax from your email account – these include sending the fax directly from your email account, and sending it through the Fax FX fax driver. To send a fax from your email account, you simply send the message as you would a regular email, but enter the recipient’s fax number followed by in the ‘To’ field. The body of your email will be used as the cover page. The Fax FX driver must be downloaded from the Fax FX website, and is useful as it allows you to select the cover page.
After you send your fax, the Fax FX system receives it and converts it into the correct format, and your fax is sent! It is even possible to send faxes internationally. You can do this by adding 00 and the country’s dialling code to the recipient’s fax number.
It’s as simple as that! Fax FX makes both sending and receiving faxes far more convenient, and accurate, than it has ever been before.

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