Send and Receive Faxes With Online Faxing

Join the millions of South African consumers and businesses who use online faxing on a daily basis. No longer do you need to pay for a dedicated fax line at your business, or pay per page to send a fax from a post office. Instead, you can now send and receive faxes to your mobile phone, computer or tablet. All that you need is an internet enabled computer or mobile device and you are ready to start sending and receiving online faxes.

Simply register with a free online faxing service provider. They will provide you with a dedicated fax number that is unique to you, and attach this fax number to your email address. Now you are ready to start sending and receiving faxes. Simply compose a new email and type in the intended fax number in the recipient box.

Save Money With Free Online Faxing

Start operating your business smartly and turn your office into a paperless environment. Start this journey with free fax technology, and start receiving and sending your faxes online. No longer do you need to print out every unsolicited and spam fax message to see if it is relevant to your business, and you can forward any fax message to the relevant department without having to print out a hardcopy.

These are only a few of the many benefits that free fax technology has to offer. Save money by no longer paying for a dedicated fax line or keeping your fax machine stocked with expensive consumables. Take your business into the future with free fax to email solutions.

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