Send a Fax Service

Send a Fax Service

There are many changes on the way we do business nowadays and this all thanks to online services. The internet has changed our lives for the better as it makes things simpler for us such as sending a fax. Sending faxes has always been regarded as a task that is something that we do no not want to do, as it takes up time and requires a lot of patience. Sending a fax via the fax to fax method also costs a lot of money. Although this has been the only fax method for years, this has all changed and now you can send a fax for free. This service is known as the email to fax service and will not cost you a dime.

The email to fax service is an online service allows you to send a fax to an email address of the intended recipient. It also allows you to receive faxes to your dedicated fax email address. There are a few steps that you need to follow to be able to use this service and will be explained further in this article. The first step is to find a service provider that offers you this service. Find out from them if they offer the service free, although this service is free with most service providers, there ae those that only offer a free trial version.

Once you have found the right service provider which will enable you to send a fax for free you can then register for the service with them. Once you have registered for the free fax to email service with your chosen service provider, they will then send you the required software. Once you have received the software you can install this software onto your system. Once the software has been installed you can then begin with your setup.

As is with any software this software does come with terms and conditions and you will be asked to accept these before continuing the setup. Thereafter you can follow the prompts, one of which is to choose a designated email address to send a fax to and also to receive faxes to.

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