Send a Fax Online


Did you know that you can save your company time and money while also increasing staff productivity, all by just simply deciding to send a fax online instead of using your traditional fax machine? Companies now have the ability to upgrade themselves with the latest technological advancement of fax to email. Fax to email enables every member of staff to send a fax online, as opposed to standing by the traditional, and now outdated, fax machine. Traditional and old is boring.

Plus, it means each member of staff has to stand and wait as the old fax machine sends faxes page by page. Wouldn’t you think there would be a much better, more efficient solution for sending faxes by now? Well here’s the great news – there is! Now each member of your staff can quickly send a fax online instead. The fax is sent directly from the email inbox to the recipient. And guess what? You can even receive faxes to your email inbox. So now instead of getting up to wait, you can send or receive faxes from your desk, by simply using your email. It really is that simple.

Old, traditional fax machines are not only slow and time consuming, they also waste copious amounts of paper and ink. This has an adverse effect, not only on your company’s operational costs, but also on the environment. And the effect is huge! Why harm the environment by cutting down excess trees just to supply the paper demand for traditional faxing? You can easily update your company and get with the times. Sign up for fax to email for free today!

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