How Can You Save?

  • ALL Inbound Faxes are Received FREE
  • Zero Setup Costs
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality
  • No Paper
  • No Toner
  • No Fixed Fax Line Rentals
  • Storage of All Faxes for Five Years
  • Your Number Never Changes, Even If You Move
  • Your Personal Fax Number is Never Engaged
  • Independent studies indicate that the average cost to receive a fax is R2.00 per page using the traditional fixed line Fax to Fax method. At ZERO cost for inbound faxes, the FaxFX solution will soon become the market solution of choice.

Save time

Share faxes with your colleagues in a few seconds.
No more waiting for faxes to be hand delivered from the fax machine.

Receive faxes wherever you are (out of the office, out of office hours, on holiday). Your clients and colleagues no longer have to await your return for a response to their faxes.
Avoid queuing and waiting at the fax machine.
No more engaged tones for people trying to send you faxes;
faxes get straight through first time.

Save money

No capital outlay, and because FaxFX is web-based there’s no hardware or software to install.

Reduces or eliminates fax expenses such as toner and paper.
Cuts staff costs associated with manning a fax department.
Own and maintain fewer or no fax machines.

What's the Catch?
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