Receiving a Fax by Email from Start to Finish

Receiving a fax via email has become the latest business communication craze. Businesses and individuals the world over are using this service. However, there is still a great deal of people that are unsure of how to get the ball rolling with online faxing!

Online Faxing

If you have done the research you will have heard that receiving an online fax is as simple as opening your email! This is absolutely correct.

There are a few steps to take to ensure a streamlined fax to email communication solution:

Step 1

You require a valid email address. Your email address is where your online fax will be delivered. So if you don’t have one you will have to make it a priority (and let’s be honest, this is a simple process. Thank you Google.)

Step 2

Setup an online faxing account with a reliable service provider such as FaxFX.

Step 3

When you have decided on a service provider you are required to fill in and sign a registration form containing all of your relevant information. In addition to this a verification email is sent to the specified email account, you must respond to this email. This is used as security verification.

Step 4

When your email account has been verified you need to select the “activate” button. Activation is immediate!

Step 5

Provide your fax to email fax number to anyone that may want to send you an online fax. The great thing about fax to email is you can receive faxes from a standard fax machine!

Step 6

Faxes are delivered to your inbox on your email; the actual fax appears as an attachment. All you need to do is open the attachment to read the fax.

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