FaxOut rates


The Fax to Email solution (Receiving of faxes) is completely free of charge.


We also offer a Value added service called FaxOut that will enable you to send faxes from your pc.


The costs involved when sending a fax depends on many factors. If you send to 086 numbers, you will be charged at R1.80 per minute. Sending faxes to land line numbers are charged at R0.80 per minute. And sending abroad is Telkom rates plus 40c, the link to the telkom rates sheet: http://www.telkom.co.za/common/AugFiling/international_list.html. A minute roughly translates to one and a half pages, depending on the fax machine your sending to.


Local land line calls R 0,75 per minute
International numbers   Telkom international rates + R 0,40 per minute
International rates can be found here: http://www.telkom.co.za/common/AugFiling/international_list.html
Mobile Numbers  R 2,28 per minute
086 fax Numbers  R 2,12 per minute