Proudly South African Inventions

As Nelson Mandela month comes to an end, we reflect on the great legacy and example of dedication and true servanthood that this mighty man set for us. To inspire you even more, we shine the light on great inventions that came from South Africans.

Computerised Tickets

In 1997 Percy Tucker invented the world’s first computerised ticket system that soon went national and international shortly after. He wanted to create a way for avid theatre-goers to buy tickets easier. Computicket was the first of its kind in the world and stays a world leader in this industry.

The Kreepy Krauly 

This household essential pool cleaning machine was invented by A Springs’ Ferdinand Chauvier in 1974. The original version of the Kreepy Krauly was made from wood and rubber from Chauvier’s kitchen. By 1978 this machine had been sold to a large number of people across the country and is a staple household essential to this day.

The Speed Gun

The speed gun measures the speed and angles objects are travelling at, objects such as tennis and cricket balls. It was used in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. The speed gun was invented by Henri Johnson in 1992 and is incredibly accurate.

The CAT Scan

This lifesaving invention was designed by physicist Allan Cormac and his associate Godfrey Hounsfield. Cormac came up with the mathematical technique for how the CAT Scan works. They were both awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for their invention.

South Africa is indeed a country that is alive with possibilities and our people have great potential and the brains to back it up. We look forward to more trailblazing inventions from our country.

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