The FaxPl@form was developed through the unique talents of a diverse team of varied specialists. The system was developed with the following key criteria in mind:

a. Security
b. Authentication
c. Mission critical environment
d. Tier 1 messaging Pl@form
e. Converged telecommunications strategies
f. Automated Marketing System

Innovation in the areas of Authenticated Fax Delivery, Print Drivers, Data Storage, Authentication and Original Copy Verification, together with advanced self help and a simple market propagation system sets this offering apart from the rest.

Undisputed Number 1 Fax2EMAIL Solution in:

  • Fax Integration into Email
  • Most Secure Fax Messaging System
  • Best Fax Delivery, Verification and Recovery
  • Message storage for 5 years (in compliance with SARS)
  • Print2Fax: Fax delivery solution that mimics human behaviour
  • 100% South African Built, Managed and Maintained
  • World beating product
  • Global EICON Partner
  • Full Support
  • Anti-SPAM
  • ECT Act
  • Broadcasting

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