Paperless Faxing? What Happened to the Fax Machine?


The fax machine is no longer an everyday object.

Ask a teenager what it is and I’m quite sure you will be met with a blank stare. Technology is advancing, so why are you still using the ancient methods of communication?

We at Fax FX are incredibly proud to say that we are South Africa’s leading provider of free fax to email. Not only have we made online faxing more efficient, we are eco-friendly. Our services do not make use of paper whatsoever, so we have minimal impact on the environment. What we offer is the you feel could, fervently,.

incredibly user friendly, and I can guarantee that you won’t have any trouble using it. Interested? Of course you are.

Imagine your fax machine is broken, but you still need to send faxes. What now? You’ve scoured the malls and can’t seem to find a fax machine anywhere. Move with the times and sign up for an online fax number. The days of using machines to faxes are gone- we have made faxing so much easier. Faxing has followed the same vein as the cellphones and computers- less is more. By minimising the go-betweens of sending a fax, you no longer have to worry about your information not reaching the intended person.

Sign up at now to get your fax number. This number is used just like any fax number, from which you can send and receive faxes. Don’t worry about getting stuck, it’s incredibly easy!

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