The Paper-free Society…


…Starts in the office

The information age has made so much accessible to the man on the street, there is no excuse for anyone with access to the internet to claim ignorance. It has also decreased our excessive demand for paper to an extent, saving time and money and easing humanities destruction of Earth’s natural resources.

One of the largest factors contributing to the decrease in paper products is the innovative fax to email service. Online faxing is a service that allows clients to send and receive faxes directly from their email address.

Imagine never having to wait in a queue around that noisy hunk of machinery in the corner.

Imagine; no more concerns that the gossipmonger will get their sticky fingers on your private documents.

And the best thing yet; imagine never having to clear another paper jam, or ask the dreaded stationery lady for paper when it’s run out.

With FaxFX and online faxing you don’t have to imagine, they bring this service to you, changing your world for the better.

With FaxFX receiving faxes can’t be easier, this free service allows people to send faxes to a number that is directed straight to your existing email account. You will never miss a fax again.

Sending faxes through FaxFX involves a minimal fee, however it cuts out a lot of wasted time and energy. Imagine being able to send that document from your computer, straight to the receivers fax machine.

With online faxing and FaxFX, life is just easier.

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