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FaxOut Email To Fax From FaxFX

By choosing the FaxOut email to fax from FaxFX you would be able to send faxes to any fax number, local and international, from any email program and internet connection. This makes sending faxing a lot more convenient because you do not have to have a bulky fax machine on your desk and you do not even have to be in the office to send the fax.

A feature that you will enjoy when using the FaxOut email to fax service is that you can send faxes from any email program or the new FX Fax Printer. This FX Fax Printer is easily downloadable from the FaxFX website and makes sending faxes from your computer a lot easier and quicker. You can also opt not to download any software and simply send the fax straight from an email program such as Microsoft Outlook.

When sending a fax you can send it to multiple recipients. You should not make use of the CC or BCC fields though as this will cause the fax to fail and it will not go through to the intended recipients. The documents attached to the email will be received as the fax and the body of the email will serve as the cover sheet. You also have the option of faxing multiple formats simultaneously.

How To Send A Fax For Your Email

You would simply open up the email program that you intend on using with the email account that you registered with FaxFX. You can then choose to compose a new email and in the recipient field you would enter the fax number that you would like to send the fax to followed by “”. You would then enter a description in the subject line that would make the fax easy to find when searching for it in future.

You can then attach the files that you would like to fax through.Should you type anything in the body of the email, this will then go through to the recipient as the first page of the fax. You can then select the “send” button and you would then receive a notification one the FaxFX email to fax servers receive it.

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