How Does Online Faxing Work


Alright, you’ve decided to try online faxing. Let me explain to you how it works. All you need to get started is an active email account. Fill in our sign up form and you’re ready to go.

After you’ve done that your will receive all of your fax communication. When you send a fax it will appear in your inbox. This is great because you can access your faxes from almost anywhere, provided you have internet access. Give people your fax number and wait for the faxes! Any faxes that you receive are absolutely free.

Online faxing is perhaps one of the easiest forms of communication that there is. It is faster and more convenient than email, simply because the files are so much smaller and send much quicker. This is fantastic when you want to send a multitude of documents with a dash of speed. Online faxing is also great if you are travelling. All you need is your computer or your cellphone with internet access, and you can view all of your faxes. You can travel with your business.

What you’ll need to send faxes is our free Fax Printer. This awesome piece of software allows you to convert any and all documents to a faxable format. Once that is done you can send faxes to every corner of the earth. Could it be easier?

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