Those Noisy Fax Machines


Those of us young enough to have used a fax machine will remember just how ridiculous the noises they made were. They sounded like the electronic music that the kids of today listen to.

Along with phones and modems, fax machines transmit data. Those weird beeps you hear are the sounds of data being sent over lines. Many of us have jumped in fright at ear piercing noises coming from our machines. Remember what dial up modems sounded like? Eek. The noises you hear are only two frequencies- a low and a high. The change in sounds is actually data jumping between two frequencies. The sounds represent numbers, so a low pitch could be a one while a higher pitch could be a two. Within these beeps, the messages are encoded. When more data is being sent over the line, the pitch of the sounds will change. These sounds are almost to remind you that a connection is being made and data is being transferred.

On top of that, the machine itself will make physical noises when the paper is being activated. So sending or receiving a fax will be a noisy process. However, fax machines are rare these days due to the explosion of online fax. Online fax as a process does not require a fax machine or even paper. Signing up with an online fax company will get you a fax number, which you can use for all online fax needs. Sending and receiving faxes from all over the world.

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