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  • Email to Fax - Send via your email account (PC or laptop or mobile phone)
  • Print to Fax - Install the fax driver (PC or Laptop Only)
  • Multiple document sending
  • Pay as you use credits
  • World class inbound fax delivery
  • PDF,TIFF,PS encrypted
  • 5 year online archiving
  • FREE online admin accounts
  • FREE of charge, lock down of numbers  to ensure you always keep the fax numbers

The FaxFX FAX TO EMAIL AND EMAIL TO FAX solution is an easy to use step by step solution and is the preferred Fax to Email service in South Africa for corporate companies and individual home users.

The FaxFX cost-effective Fax to Email and Email to Fax services will save you huge amounts of money and increase your business communication effectiveness. Corporate users of FaxFX are not charged to receive faxes.Telkom simply charges the fax sender as they normally would for the fax/phone call.

Instant, easy to use web based Fax to Email. Accessible from any Internet connection this service works in any corporate environment and is the best most secure way to receive all of your faxes to your own email account FREE of charge. All faxes are sent to your free FaxFX Fax to Email number and will be archived and easily accessible online, for 5 years, absolutely free of charge.

Employees can easily access their fax in and out boxes
Companies never pay to receive faxes again, contact FaxFX Fax to Email Sales for more information on how you can give Fax to Email numbers for all the staff in your company and safe thousands of Rands.

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