New York City Bans Styrofoam


Online faxing helps us do our part when it comes to saving the environment. However, there is more that can be done than just online faxing. The city of New York has banned Styrofoam. This resilient foam is not biodegradable, and it is one of the largest environmental polluters in the world. By banning it, we reduce the pollution of our oceans and our world.

Styrofoam takes hundreds, even thousands of years to decompose. Depending on its formulation, Styrofoam might not even decompose. Because of this, Styrofoam is a massive pollutant of our planet. Trash heaps and landfills are littered with this pollutant, which is why New York took an active step towards ridding our planet of Styrofoam completely. New York is the largest city to have adopted this ban, and we’re hoping that South Africa will follow suit.

During the recycling process, foam needs to be separated from glass, plastic, and metals. This makes it a timely process, as the Styrofoam is collected and then discarded. New York’s citizens throw away 23 000 tons of Styrofoam a year. That one city, in the world. Can you imagine the impact that and entire country will have if they stop polluting.

With Los Angeles banning plastic bags, and San Francisco banning plastic water bottles, America is fast becoming a country whose eco-aspirations we need to look up to. Banning environment polluting hazards allows our animals and our people a better chance at surviving and thriving. Our world is perfectly designed to thrive with its available resources, minus Styrofoam.

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