More Frequently Asked Questions about Fax-to-Email

We aim to improve the lives and business communication of our clients. There is no use in having a service that was designed to save you time when you, our customer, has unanswered questions preventing you from using our services to your advantage. Here are the answers to more of your questions.

  • Can my account expire or be deactivated?
    Yes. In the event that your account is inactive for more than 90 days and your FaxFX credits have been exhausted your account will be suspended and your fax number given to another user. Our support team can only reinstate your account if the number is still active. Otherwise you will have to create a new account.


  • Is it possible to block a fax number and thus prevent it from sending me faxes?
    No. Unfortunately we cannot control who you send faxes to or receive faxes from.


  • Can the format that I receive faxes in be changed?
    Yes, you can change it. To do so you must log into your account and go to the Receiving Options page when logged into your FaxFX account.


  • Can I link more than one fax number to my email address?
    Unfortunately each email address can be linked to only one fax-to-email number.


  • Can I access archived faxes that I received over 90 days ago?
    Yes, in some cases it is possible to retrieve those, but you will have to contact our support team to do that

We hope that this information will help you, and simplify your FaxFX fax-to-email experience.

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