Making Technology Work for You as an Entrepreneur


Technology is always evolving and so are the ways we communicate in our businesses. If you are running your own business it cannot be stressed enough how much you need communication solutions that can be accessed from wherever you are. After all the nature of business people is that they are always “on the go”.

Fax to email is one of the leading, yet least celebrated communication solutions available. This may be because it all happens quietly and seamlessly in the background.

Business people, like everyone else frequently receive faxes. In the event that business contracts have to be signed and the business person is not in the country because of other business engagements, fax to email services make life easier.

You can send and receive faxes from wherever you are in the world. Additionally there is no reason to worry about important documents landing in the wrong hands, or just not reaching you at all. Traditional faxing may send a notification to the sender that you have received the fax message, but that does not necessarily mean the fax is in your hands.

With Fax-to-Email you will be able to send and receive faxes via your default email. If you have important documents you need to sign off, you simply sign them using e-signature or print the documents, scan them and send them through.

If you choose to make us your service provider, our accounts come standard with an archiving feature, so you never have to worry about your documents being lost and you always have proof of correspondence that no one can conveniently lose.

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