Making this a Green Christmas with Free Fax to Email

Fax FX, Thur

How cutting back on paper usage can save the planet.

Companies like Fax FX are making it easier to send and receive faxes by converting them to electronic messages that can be sent to and from computer email systems. This allows the sending and receiving of faxes to be done anywhere in the world, with much less hassle than conventional faxing. What’s more, fax to email means that there is less paper and ink usage in offices around the world. You may not believe it, but cutting back on these usages has a huge effect on the conservation of Earth’s precious resources.

Fax to Email

But, with Christmas fast approaching, let’s look at how fax to email can be used to spread the cheer of the season. While it has been saving paper in offices all year, there is no need to suddenly abandon all the good you have been doing and revert to paper cards. Instead, why not save some paper, ink, and carbon emissions by using fax to email to send out your Christmas newsletters and cards.

But, just because you are sending your greetings by fax doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. There are plenty of fax themed cover letters available online, and many will bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family. A quick search will bring up covers such as Santa holding a fax machine with the phrase “Merry Faxmas” written overhead, or pictures of elves flattened by the fax machine. If these aren’t your style, then a heartfelt message is sure to do the job. So make this a green Christmas with Fax FX.

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