Loading Credits to your Fax FX Account


How to go about this using a credit card or direct deposit.

So, you’ve discovered the joys of Fax FX and the wonderful services it offers. You are no doubt experiencing the convenience of being able to send and receive faxes from your email, from anywhere in the world. But, if you’re new to the service, and wondering how to load credits onto your account, this might offer some helpful insight.

Before beginning the purchasing process, make sure that the sending services are enabled. You will need to be logged into your account to buy credits, which you can do by entering into your browser’s URL. Click on ‘Buy Credits’ in the menu, which will open the Credit Options screen. Click the package title to select the amount of credits you would like to purchase. Then simply choose one of the following payment methods:

Credit Card (once-off purchase and subscription purchase):
1. Click on either ‘Pay by Credit Card’ or ‘Subscribe Using Credit Card’, which will open the Confirm Transaction window.
2. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to open the Credit Card Details page.
3. Enter your credit card details.
4. Click ‘Submit’ to process your purchase.
5. If you would like to keep this page for reference you can do so by clicking ‘Print’. In order to return to your account, simply close the window.

It is important to remember that, when subscribing to a credit bundle, your credits will be deducted monthly on the same date as your first subscription.

Direct Deposit
1. Click ‘Direct Deposit’ to open the payment reference window.
2. The payment reference window will then display your reference number as well as the Fax FX account details – the account to which your payment will be made. This page can be printed for your reference.
3. Once your deposit has been made, fax or email proof of payment to the following:
• Fax: 086 600 0008
• Email: [email protected]

And it’s as easy as that! You are then free to enjoy the numerous benefits of this amazing service.

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