Lessen your Carbon Footprint by using Online Faxing


We all know that the production of paper has a huge impact on our environment. Rainforest destruction is a massive problem worldwide, and contributes to greenhouse gas. So do your bit to lessen the destruction, and make use of online fax.

Forests are completely self-sustaining environments. The trees support the wildlife, and vice versa. As we all know, trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, so the fewer trees we have, the less oxygen we have. With the technological advances we have today, they cannot be ignored. By using online faxing, you will greatly reduce your use of paper, and as a result, reduce environmental destruction.

Online faxing requires only a computer, so you do not need a fax machine, ink, or paper. When using FaxFX, you faxes are stored indefinitely on our system, so all you need is an internet connection. No printing required. What are you waiting for?

Get your fax number today, which you will use for all of your online faxing signing up on our site. Being South Africa’s leading fax to email provider, we offer only the best service. If you so happen to get stuck, read our FAQs or call our support services. Rest assured that we will get you out of any pickle you’re stuck in! Do your part to help the environment, and make use of our online faxing services.

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