Tech News Will Get More Social in the Future

How social media aims to deliver breaking news.

The days of social media being a mere pastime are rapidly declining, and more people are using it to receive the latest news. Fans of tech news will thus be excited by Facebook’s latest venture. On the 18th of November, Facebook launched a new page which will display only tech news.

Named FB Techwire, this page is aimed at providing tech news in the same manner as FB Newswire. The two will function almost identically in that they scan content and deliver the most pertinent articles first, only Techwire will concentrate solely on the latest news coming out of the Technological field.

Newswire was described as being a great tool for journalists looking for leads. It would deliver news in a way that allowed journalists to quickly scan breaking news and choose relevant news from the offerings. While not much has been said thus far about Techwire, it will work in the same way. Tech journalists will now be able to scan the breaking headlines of the tech world all on one news feed, and be able to quickly jump on leads.

However, Facebook wants to be able to deliver original content, meaning that it needs journalists posting to social media to favour Facebook over its competitors. But, with Facebook’s ever rising popularity, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In a grand move, Facebook has provided bait which will surely attract still more users to its shores. Tech journalists will surely pay Techwire a visit each morning… and mid-morning, noon, afternoon, and evening, for that matter.

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