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FREE Fax To Email
If it’s not FaxFX it’s not Fax-to-Email!!

FaxFX Fax to Email is a FREE service that links your fax number and email address together, and if anyone sends a fax to that number you will receive that fax right in your inbox.


FaxFX will never charge you for use of your 08660xxxxx number and will be your number for life.Every time you receive a Fax you save R2,50 per page received and you will never have to buy or spend any time buying any, Fax Toner, Fax Paper, Line rentals or any other money involved with a conventional fax.


Rest assured that your Faxes will only ever be read by you. With our 128 Bit encrypted faxes you can send and receive faxes securely and easily from your desktop.

How It Works

Someone send you a Fax to your 08660xxxxx Fax number. FaxFX takes the fax and sends it straight to your email inbox in either Tiff, PDF or Postscript format.

How to get this Free Service

Click here and you will shortly receive an “invitation” to activate your unique Fax Number. You must accept this invitation to receive your “Welcome Mail” from FaxFX advising that a New Fax 2 Email number has been activated and linked to your email address.If you have colleagues or friends that do not have a Fax to Email number, and needs one to be allocated one, you may send an email to with a list of email addresses that we will allocate numbers to.

Why is the service FREE, what is the Catch?

FaxFX earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom for calls made to the allocated numbers. This revenue is sufficient for FaxFX to support this fax reception service at no charge to the end user, yet still delivering a corporate level service.
FaxFX has changed the way faxes are transmitted through the implementation of an innovative solution which ensures that all faxes sent reach the recipients personal inbox. This solution provides the user with all the benefits of conventional email without losing the advantages of recognized fax services.


•Installation is FREE*
•Setup is FREE*
•Monthly costs for using inbound services are ZERO*
•Training is FREE* Terms and conditions

•Setup and LIVE within seconds
•No Contract Needed for inbound Fax services


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