The Importance of Email Marketing

6 tips for better click-through rates.

Email marketing has been around long enough for people to know exactly what it is, and what it hopes to achieve. Because of this, some people tend to dismiss these types of emails, and sometimes they end up in the Recycle Bin before even being opened. The emails that are opened, are often skimmed before being deleted.

However, email marketing should not be about trying to trick someone into paying attention, they should appeal to the reader’s interests and genuinely incite interest. The following list details a few techniques which entice readers to click through.

1. Don’t get too personal.
The idea is great, but putting a reader’s name in the subject line of an email could make that reader uncomfortable. It is better to appeal to the reader’s personal tastes by using search history and promoting certain products through keywords to which the reader will respond favourably.

2. Encourage sharing.
The truth is, people want to spend their money. However, they don’t appreciate having products shoved down their throats. Including social links in email marketing is a good idea, as this encourages discussion. Recipients can share the links with their social network friends and discuss the product before buying it.

3. Keep your market in mind.
Website content is written to appeal to any reader who lands on the page, but email marketing is targeted. Because of this, the content of an email should use vocabulary that appeals to its target market, and its information should be kept concise. Also important are calls to action, which should be clear and eye-catching, like “Click here for great deals!”

4. Let readers define their experience.
Those customers that are very engaged with the brand will always open emails and follow calls to action. But customers who are less enthusiastic may grow tired of receiving emails frequently. Give readers the option to receive emails less frequently, if they so desire, and in doing so you will generate some feedback.

5. Make emails mobile.
Many people only view their emails on mobile devices nowadays, so make sure that your email marketing can be accessed on these devices. Failure to do so means that you will miss out on a host of potential customers.

6. Analyse click-through rates.
You might be full of wonderful ideas, but if people are not responding to your email campaigns, those ideas are wasted. Make sure you collect the necessary data to be able to analyse click-through rates. This data will certainly help in planning future strategies, as it will depict how readers are responding to your current strategies.

Email marketing is a very important part of online marketing, which is why marketing strategies are so important. By following these tips, you should see a healthy click-through rate, and thus business growth.

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