How much do you know about the Fax?

Fridays are always good days for pop quizzes and fun facts. These basic facts about one of the most commonly used means of communication, the fax machine will certainly go down easy with the office crew. Here goes!

  1. The first fax machines were actually invented before the telephone in 1842 by Scottish inventor; Alexander Bain.
  2. The first faxes by AT&T took a whole seven minutes to send through just one page.
  3. The first fax machine had a pendulum that moved across making an electric signal to another pendulum in sync with the first one that sent the signal.
  4. The first photograph to be sent via fax was sent in the 1960s by the US Army using satellite facsimile.
  5. The first compact fax machine that was suitable for using on a desk was created by Western Union was made in 1948.

Today, decades later, faxing is still a reliable and trusted method of communication. The fax machine however, has evolved a lot over the past few years. It is now quicker to send faxes, even better is the fact that you can now send faxes without having to use an actual fax machine. This is done through internet protocol and can be done from any part of the world.  Browse our site and learn more about our fax to email packages that were specifically designed to make you home and business life easier.

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