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FaxFX is the home of Fax to Email in South Africa. We supply some of the most popular and nationally used Fax to Email number ranges. Whether you need to receive faxes or send a fax FaxFX is the trusted name in Fax to Email
The South African Corporate environment and home users alike find FaxFX and the FaxFX supported services to be the number one Fax to Email and Email to Fax solution available. Start to send and receive faxes today!


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Free Fax to Email service for Home and Office use

Fax to Email is FREE of charge at home and in the office. Our Free Fax to Email service is a web and email based fax number. We link your fax number to your email address and deliver all your faxes in your email. This activation process is quick and instant. Your fax line is immediately ready to receive faxes. No setup costs or support costs to get your Free Fax to Email number - this is truly a free online faxing service that includes archiving of all your faxes. You will only ever pay to Send a fax.

    What makes FaxFX Fax to Email better than a conventional fax machine?

    • Anything sent to your fax number is delivered to your email inbox as a PDF/TIFF attachment to an email
    • We archive all your sent and received faxes for 5 years
    • We give you access to your online fax inbox for quick and easy access if your email server is down
    • No limits on volumes which means you can receive as many faxes as you like for free from anywhere in the world
    • All your faxes are safely and securely delivered to your personal email address and automatically backed up - keeping your personal data confidential and private
    • Skip the scanning process - you can keep your online faxes in your email system and update the email address at any time
    • Superior print quality of faxes, colour fax support making images and fine details in faxes look better and easier to read

    How will this FaxFX Fax to Email benefit my company?

    • Faxes received and sent will never be lost anymore
    • Free your Telkom fax up by using Fax to Email
    • No more engaged fax lines and process delays
    • You will receive login details - a username and password for quick and easy access to your Fax to Email inbox

    At FaxFX your company has the option to lock down your user group’s numbers. This makes it perfect for printing business cards with permanent numbers. If someone at your company leaves the fax number will stay available to be updated with the new employee details. Say goodbye to unnecessary costs! No more paper, fax toner/ink, fax maintenance, fixed line rentals. FaxFX saves you money while doing our bit to keep the world green.

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