Hillary Clinton fax machine debacle

A recent release of Hillary Clinton’s 2009 private emails showed an exchange of emails between herself and Huma Abedin, her aide, exposing Clinton’s lack of knowing how a fax machine works. This might come as shocking news considering that fax machines are known to be widely used in government buildings and large corporations for the daily exchange and receiving of documents. It’s safe to assume that a government representative like Hillary Clinton would be acquainted with such a machine.

CNN reported that the exchange of emails concerned a “secure” fax not arriving to Clinton, in which Abedin responded that she should “hang up the fax line” in order to re-establish the line and receive the fax. Clinton responded “I thought it was supposed to be off the hook to work?” This is yet another example of the importance of fax machines, despite new technologies and apps that have been created for people to receive faxes.

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How to send a fax

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