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Q. How is FaxOut billed and what are the sending rates/tariffs?

Solution The FaxOut rates are as follow:

All national landline numbers will be billed at R 0.66 per minute Excl. VAT (011, 021 etc.)

All Premium rated 086 fax numbers will be billed at R 1,83 per minute Excl. VAT

Mobile numbers (082, 083 Etc) will be billed at R 1,74 Per Minute Excl. VAT

When faxing internationally the fax will be billed at the Telkom international rate + an additional 40c per minute on top of the Telkom rate

The FaxOut service emulates a conventional fax machine thus the billing is based on per minute basis.

The delivery times are directly based on the receiving end's fax speed reception capabilities

The size of the document that needs to be transmitted will determine the delivery time

Example. A 20 page fax that is 1Mb in size will take exactly the same time to deliver to the same fax machine as a 2 Page 1Mb document

Based on average sizes and pages 2 pages should take roughly 1.5 minutes (2 minutes billed) to deliver, and 1 page within under a minute (1 minute billed)

Please note that the rates can change without prior notice, the updated rates sheet:
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